6th February 2018   Ref:  18/00024/FULL  We are sad that this attractive brick-built building is to be demolished; it is surprising and unfortunate that none of the surrounding conservation areas cover this small area, which includes the nearby Grade 2 listed Greycoat Hospital School.


 Read our full response here and go to the Planning page for a link to WCC to view the planning application :


We are of course unhappy that some dwellings in Emmanuel House and the probably residential first floor of the Greencoat Boy will suffer from reduced natural light.

We note the changes to the façade made since the public consultation, but we are disappointed that the corner facing Artillery Row has not changed significantly. It seems to us that this corner, identifying the entrance, will be a weak element in the façade, rather than the strongest.

The gradual increase in massing of the top floor roof element has diminished the quality of the façade. This element does not work well with the two contrasting glazing rhythms below.

The windows on the to residential floors are presumably openable – it would be good to have images of their appearance when open.

Car parking spaces: Estimate of one arrival and departure per day does not equate to a single car. It is not obvious to us that there is surplus residents’ parking provision. We would like to see a change in policy over allowing residents’ parking permits for new developments that are well-served by public transport.