Westminster are seeking opinions on a plan to restrict all their roads to 20mph. There are already some areas, mainly near schools, that already have 20mph restrictions. And there are other areas, for instance round Vincent Square, that have applied to become 20mph areas. The Council has had positive feedback on the experimental areas so far.
It may be that the decision is made for them because TfL are contemplating a 20mph speed limit on all their roads in central London. If this goes ahead it would be ridiculous for the main roads in Westminster to have 20mph speed limits while the side streets are 30mph. If TfL decides on 20mph then the whole of Westminster would become a 20mph zone.
Whatever happens on the TfL roads, WCC would still like to know people's views on this question. There have been some public consultations, but it is also possible to make your views known on-line at https://www.westminster.gov.uk/20mph. Click on Take the Survey.