The second and final public consultation and exhibition are underway! at Church House, 27 Great Smith Street.  From Wednesday 5th - Friday 7th December from 12 noon to 7pm, and Saturday 8th December from 10am to 4pm.  Further information can be found on the Save Victoria Tower Gardens Website and on

As Sir Peter Bottomley said at the Society’s AGM on the 13th November, Victoria Tower Gardens was not initially regarded as suitable for inclusion on the Holocaust Commission shortlist. Suddenly it appeared as the preferred site resulting in the loss of public/green space in the only London park alongside the Thames and adjacent to a World Heritage Site. It will overshadow the Buxton Memorial Fountain which commemorates the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire in 1834 and its proximity to the excellent dedicated Holocaust Galleries at the Imperial War Memorial less than a mile away is bizarre.

Please go along to the exhibition, register your comments and please copy us in to your objections.

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The threat to the gardens from the Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre still remains. It is clearly very important that once the planning application is made, thought to be before the end of the year, that a large number of people write in to object to this scheme which will drastically alter the gardens and would be so much more effective if combined with the galleries at the IWM.




25th May 2018    BBC Radio 4 - Holocaust Memorial plans to be published in the Autumn CLICK HERE  

13th May 2018    UPDATE on the 'Petition Against....' website re. Sir Peter Bazalgette's resignation CLICK HERE


24th October 2017   Read below of the Jury's decision, the winner and what happens now ....

THE GUARDIAN, "Location next to parliament in London has triggered objections from residents and opposition from Imperial War Museum" - CLICK HERE

28th September 2017   Prince William visits the Imperial War Museum to discuss new Holocaust galleries.  Read Daily Mail article, CLICK HERE

21st September 2017  "What the jury heard" - The Architects' Journal 18/9/17  CLICK HERE

18th September 2017  Members of the Thorney Island Society joined a large group of residents who live near Victoria Tower Gardens to discuss the threat to this local park from the proposal to build the new Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre there (see earlier blog entries below). Nobody in the room objected in any way to the creation of a new Memorial, and there was tentative agreement that a modest Memorial in the park would be acceptable, but all were united in condemning the proposed site for the Learning Centre. There are many reasons for this, not just the loss of much of the park, but also the added security risk and the increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic in an already congested area.

There are other site options which have been suggested, such as College Green, already a civic space, and St James's Park near the the Duke of York steps. In both places there are existing carparks which could be converted into the Learning Centre. But an easier option, designed and costed, has already been offered to the Foundation and rejected for not very good reasons - to build at the Imperial War Museum, where they are expanding and updating their Holocaust galleries. 
Although people are aware of a large number of influential people who are opposed to the scheme, they are reluctant (for understandable reasons) to oppose it in public. It was suggested that anyone with the right sort of connections should try to use their influence to encourage those people to speak out.

27th April 2017   Due to the announcement of a general election, the Jury has had to be postponed.  The London exhibition has also been postponed and will now take place at the V&A from Saturday 29th July until Tuesday 22nd August and the final decision will take place after this consultation period.

14th April 2017 Article in The Telegraph (Christopher Hope)

12th April 2017  Article on BBC website.  See here

4th April 2017   It is thought that only a major issue like, traffic or security will stop this memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens.  A decision on the chosen scheme will be made by NHMF jury in May.  Still not too late to write to Sir Peter Bazalgetti, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please do!

2nd March 2017   30-40 local residents, interested parties and members of the House of Lords & Commons attended an exhibition in Westminster Hall of the 10 short-listed Architects submissions, followed by a meeting in the House of Lords chaired by Sir Peter Bazalgette of the Holocaust Memorial Foundation.  With over 1,000.00 signatures on the petition now, the Foundation was left in no doubt of our opinions as to why this is the wrong site.  READ MORE on the petition page.

More publicity for our cause, as it was featured in The Times on Saturday 25th February.
Read the article here


9th February 2017    Sir Edward Leigh's adjournment debate in the House of Commons.  Read Hansard transcript here.


To read more and SIGN THE PETITION - CLICK HERE    

Here are some of the comments by those who signed  CLICK HERE


5th February 2017 :  Article in The Observer (Rowan Moore)


4th February 2017 :  Article in The Guardian (Ian Jack)


27th January 2017 - On Holocaust Memorial Day, the Shortlist was announced.  To view  CLICK HERE

The organisers are requesting feedback so if you agree that another location should be found, please write to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of the submissions on the Shortlist :



Studio Libeskind and Haptic Architects



November 2016

The competition for the design of the Holocaust Memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens will be between ten consortia of architects, engineers and designers - to be judged in the New Year. Meanwhile, rather surprisingly, the Imperial War Museum is raising funds to renew and expand their Holocaust Exhibition. It seems to us that it might make sense to locate the Learning Centre there, even if the memorial itself is located somewhere more central.




January 2015 -  David Cameron made an announcement on behalf of the Holocaust Memorial Foundation that there was to be a new Holocaust Memorial and associated Learning Centre built in central London.

At that stage three particular sites were proposed: the Imperial War Museum, near London City Hall, and the Millbank Tower podium. In July of this year we were approached by a PR company about a proposal to site the memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens (VTG). This, we assumed, would combine with a Learning Centre at the Millbank Tower, which now has planning permission for conversion to mainly residential use with a cultural/arts complex in the podium.

Various meetings were arranged and then postponed by the Foundation. It was therefore with considerable surprise that we learnt that the announcement was to be made imminently and, when it came, that it was in the form of an announcement of an international competition, that the site had now been selected, and that it was proposed that the whole project was to be built in the VTG. The Learning Centre is to be underground, with a prominent monument somewhere on the central grass area of the park.

The Society is obviously very concerned at the loss of this valuable small park, because it is very difficult to imagine that a project of this size and importance would not dominate the space and transform it from a tranquil local park to a busy civic space. We do not object in any way to the building of a memorial, but we feel that there are more appropriate sites, already proposed as well as not yet considered.

For more details:

The Holocaust Memorial Commission Report is

The UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation's webpage is at


The document inviting expressions of interest from tenderers is at

The draft design brief itself is at 

 The Victoria Tower Gardens & The National Holocaust Memorial