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Our Society is run entirely through volunteers.  We are reliant on members and friends who give their time and knowledge.

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If you would like to help in any way, please contact us.  We need assistance in the reviewing of planning applications, editing the Newsletter, sorting and cataloging in the Archives and organising Events.

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Sir Nicholas Underhill
Ex-Chairman and Co-Founder
June A Stubbs MBE, MCSD, FRSA (decd)
Patrons of St James's Park and The Green Park
Lord Hattersley
Jools Holland DL, OBE
Consulting Archivist
Margaret Woodall
Vice Presidents

Lord Dubbs
Alan Duncan MP
The Right Rev & Rt Hon the Lord Bishop of London
Owen Luder CBE, PP-RIBA
Lady Rees-Mogg
The Very Rev the Dean of Westminster




Executive Committee
Sue Ball (Chair)
Peter Deakins
Ashley Dickenson
Rosemary Fitch
Anthony Harrow (Hon Membership Secretary)
Victor Keegan (Parks, Social Media & Blogs)
Lucy Peck (Planning & Blogs)
Juliet Shellabear (Hon Secretary & Website)
Gordon Slater (Hon Treasurer)


Our Annual General Meeting 2017 was held on Wednesday 15th November 2017.  Following the business of the meeting, Caroline Sheldon spoke on her book Mr Barry's War, the sequal to The Day Parliament Burned Down.

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Annual Report 2016-2017

Financial Statements & Treasurer's Report 2016-2017



Our Annual General Meeting 2016 was held on Wednesday 9th November 2016 at the Grange Rochester Hotel, Vincent Square, SW1P 2PA. 

Before the Annual Report was read, the attendees were invited to stand for a few moments silence in respectful memory of June Stubbs.  Mark Wasilewski, Park Manager of The Green Park & St James's Park described his friendship and coroboration with June over Parks matters and condolences were read from Godfrey Woods, the Deputy Director of Planning at Westminster City Council.  Please see the unapproved Minutes below. 

After the official business of the meeting, Jill Sanders gave a presentation and showed the film of her and John Inglis' project to restore Leigh's 1829 panorama of the Thames and create a current photographic panorama.  Please see the link on the front page for more details.

Click below to view :

Annual Report 2015-2016

Financial Statements & Treasurer's Report 2015-2016

Unapproved Minutes of AGM 2016




The Thorney Island Society takes its name from the island in the Thames upon which Westminster Abbey was first built.

A Westminster conservation and amenity society founded in 1985 – its objective then being to save the Library erected in Great Smith Street in 1893. Today it continues to look after the interests of both residents and businesses within the area and acts as a ‘watchdog’ on local planning and development issues. The Society is also concerned about the extension of conservation boundaries and the scale and aesthetics of building programmes within its remit.

Some of the most historic landmarks in the capital are situated here including Westminster Abbey, The Palace of Westminster, Tate Britain and St. John’s, Smith Square.

Many of its street names evoke medieval origins – Horseferry Road, Old Palace Yard, Abbey Orchard Street, Strutton Ground and Perkins Rents. Much to the Society’s regret, there have been adverse material changes to the area including the closure of the library in Great Smith Street and the demolition of 18th Century and Art Deco houses in Marsham and Tufton Streets. The area continues to be under threat from further construction and development work thus removing the village of old Westminster with its hospital, library, swimming pool, post office and local shops.

In 1994, the area covered by the Society was extended by being asked to adopt St. James's Park and The Green Park. Later, to commemorate this, an oak tree was planted in St. James's Park. A tree to mark the millennium was planted in The Green Park.

The Thorney Island Society has been at the forefront of attempts to preserve the heritage of old Westminster whilst understanding the importance of striking a balance between conservation, improvement and new building programmes. It has particular regard for the residential, ecclesiastical and commercial interests of this important part of London. Westminster City Council send planning applications for our architects to consider and report on.

Since its foundation, the Society has grown in numbers and influence. It has over 300 members including corporate members and is particularly active in local history and research matters which have encouraged the opening of a neighbourhood resource centre and archive at 10 Old Pye Street where we collect paintings, prints, photographs, period post cards and small relevant artefacts. The Society also nominates representatives to attend conservation events and wildlife studies in the capital and to undertake committee work with a number of public bodies including The Metropolitan Police, The Royal Parks Forum and the Wild Life Forum.

There are regular visits to places of local interest, intriguing landmarks and venues within the area covered by the Society - some of which are not readily accessible to the public.

Our members include many prominent people and businesses and we are grateful not only for their help and support but for the time which so many other members dedicate to the Society’s aims. We are, of course, always keen to welcome new members. If you are interested, please complete and return the membership form.