February 2016 - Also read our objection letter on the Planning page

Revised plans for Millbank Tower, which are to be considered by Westminster Council Planning committee in April, contain a number of changes. The height of the main tower, which will be entirely residential - no offices - with 207 flats not the original 215, will be increased in height by two storeys instead of the original three. A planned extension to the curved adjacent building, which is to be a hotel, will gain in height by one storey rather than the scheduled three.

There will be no "affordable" housing. Instead the developers will give money in lieu (amount unknown) to the council and will build a 5,000 sq metre cultural space. The occupants have not been decided yet but several projects such as a Holocaust education centre and a Museum of Childhood have been mentioned.

The top of the tower will house a 360 degree sky bar and restaurant with public access to terraces all around. At ground level there will be three cafés and plans to excavate underground have been abandoned.

Reconstruction is likely to begin in 2019 when leases on the existing building expire.