UPDATE !  20th October 2020

The London Gardens Trust (Previously LPGT) will APPEAL the decision reached at the Judicial Review.


UPDATE ! 5th October 2020

The Judicial Review has now come and gone, a moment of great excitement that resulted in LPGT winning one argument and losing another. The Government was castigated for not having implemented sufficiently convincing “handling arrangements” to guarantee a total separation between its two internal functions (applicant and also decision-maker – It is considered this is a conflict of interest), but the judge sadly did not consider the arguments sufficiently serious to suggest that a final decision on this matter should be taken away from the Minister who is currently designated to make it.  LPGT and SVTG (Save Victoria Tower Gardens Campaign) are of course troubled by this decision and currently very seriously considering an appeal….



UPDATE !  23rd August 2020

We are now less than 3 weeks away from the Judicial Review that was called a few months ago by the London Parks and Gardens Trust (LPTG), seeking to remove from the government and its ministers the final decision-making process in relation to this application, handing it over instead to the independent Planning Inspector himself.  This is to establish whether it is legal for the Housing Minister to decide on a planning application which was made by his own Ministry (MHCLG).

The head of that Ministry, Robert Jenrick, has made statements saying that the Government are 'implacably' committed to building the National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens.  LPGT think that the decision is bound to be biased unless there is institutional separation between the applicant and the decision maker.

LPTG is a small charity that does wonderful work in protecting and promoting green spaces across our capital.  In our current Covid19 world, few things are so important to us as greenery and outdoor space.  LPGT are raising funds through https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/victoria-tower-gardens/

The outcome of the Judicial Review is extremely important for everyone participating in the ensuing Public Inquiry. 





Victoria Tower Gardens - London Parks & Gardens Trust Fundraising for Judicial Review