Update August 2023

The Holocaust Memorial Bill is making its way through Parliament. It seeks to dis-apply the clauses in an Act of 1900 that said that Victoria Tower Gardens should be maintained as a garden open to the public. The Government tried to introduce the Holocaust Memorial Bill as a Public Bill but the Clerks and Committees in both Houses agreed with us that it is a Hybrid Bill, making it more difficult for them to get it through the parliamentary process. Meanwhile disquiet is being expressed publicly by a wide range of people, especially following the closure of the Jewish Museum in Camden, which had run out of funds. Why should the Holocaust Memorial Learning Centre not be combined with the Jewish Museum in new premises? It seems a very good idea, but the site would have to be more suitable than VTG.

For further reading, please go to the campaign website:  CLICK HERE


Update March 2023

The campaign to Save Victoria Tower Gardens continues. The Government has introduced a Bill to allow expenditure on the Memorial and Learning Centre by DLUHC, and also to allow construction, despite the prohibition by the 1900 Act. The bill has been sent to the House of Commons Committee of Examiners, for them to decide whether this should be regarded as a Public bill, in which case we would have no say in blocking or changing it, or a partly Private bill, known as hybrid. If it is found to be hybrid then we would be able to petition the Committee examining the bill. Sadly, these petitions could not be against the principle of an HMLC but to upset its passage through Parliament and mitigate its effects on VTG.

We are planning to send a ‘Memorial’ to the Examiners, setting out the basic reasons why the bill should be regarded as hybrid. We have a number of members who live near the gardens and have volunteered to join in the submission of the ‘Memorial’, as interested parties. If there is anyone else who lives nearby and uses the gardens please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.