On a sun-soaked Saturday, committee member Victor Keegan led members on a guided walk around Thorney Island. It was the hottest day of the year in London and Victor heroically negotiated the group around a demonstration on Parliament Square, through the masses of tourists circling Westminster Abbey and kept a cool voice as helicopters whirred overhead.

Victor's two-hour guided walk of this unique area took the group to 20 places of historical interest reflecting vivid moments in the nation's story. Amongst other fascinating 'gems', we saw Oliver Cromwell facing Charles I and 'a grave above ground', both sites, commuters, tourists, residents and local workers walk by every day and fail to notice.

"Look up" we were urged and saw a white plaque to Ignatius Sancho, former slave, writer and symbol of the humanity of Africans, hardly visible on the vast expanse of Whitehall walls. Victor's scholarship made this a memorable experience for the group which ended at the Thorney Island Society archives in 'Devils Acre' and much needed cool drinks.


Gems of Thorney Island - A Walk by Victor Keegan, July 2019