If you walk down Bennett’s Yard off Tufton Street, you will be able to glimpse over the high wall a dignified, if lonesome, plane tree. It is located in what was the garden of the great First World War poet Siegfried Sassoon who lived there for over five years. It was believed to have been planted by Winston Churchill in memory of the poet, Col. d'Arcy Hall and their comrades of The Great War, though this has not been conclusively proved.


That it is there at all is thanks to a forceful campaign led by our co-founder June Stubbs, which failed to save the nearby houses (Sassoon’s house had been all but destroyed in the 2nd World War) but at least they preserved the tree, though sadly without public access.    He lived for five productive years at 54 Tufton Street where he entertained many celebrated friends including T E Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia - who lived nearby in Barton Street, E M Forster and W J Turner who lived with his wife in Sassoon’s house. Turner is not much known about these days but Yeats was “lost in admiration” at his work. 


Sassoon is remembered by a plaque on the wall of the new house on the site which was sponsored by the Thorney Island Society and the City of Westminster.