We will be sad to see the public artwork of herds of lifesize elephants leave St James's Park and The Green Park on 23rd July.  Made from lantana camara, an invasive weed whose removal from protected areas benefits wildlife in India.

Brought to us by Elephant Family, 'they arrived at a unique moment in time when a global reduction in human activity has had a positive effect on wildlife. Elephants may be giants but they tread softly.  This 100-strong herd reminds us that when we lighten our footprint, wildlife bounces back.⁠⁠'

Find out how, where and why they were created and how to support the project:  Co-Existence

Sketch below, inspired by The Green Park elephants, by Yoke Shun Broom (known as ‘Sam’ to fellow singers in The South Westminster Community Choir who will be singing at our Christmas party on 6th December !)