The developers of the 'Paddington Pole' have withdrawn their application. This is from the press release: 'Whilst GWD’s proposal has secured the support of many key stakeholders including Network Rail, Transport for London, St Mary’s Hospital, NHS (London) and the GLA there were concerns amongst local people around the height and impact of the tower element of the scheme on the local area.'  This is very good news and demonstrates that it is worth expressing our opinion. It is also a triumph for the Skyline Campaign, which has worked hard against this scheme. However this is not of course the end of the story - there is another large tower proposed near the junction of the Westway and the Edgware Road and this Paddington tower development may reappear in modified form.
There is a threat to the Paddington area of a number of tall towers. Although this is well outside our area these towers are going to be visible from many parts of London including Hyde Park. We have objected to the scheme that is currently under consideration - see our comments on the planning page. If you want to sign a petition, or object personally, please use the links below:
You can read more and sign the petition here:
Up to 27 January, you can also write directly to the council to OPPOSE the scheme by clicking on: