We are extremely sorry and sad to hear that Stephen Myers has recently died of Covid-19.  Stephen was a member mainly due to his interest in the River Tyburn, being a water engineer as well an author, historian and voluntary guide.  Some members will remember his walks for the Society in 2016 tracing the path of the River Tyburn from Bond Street through The Green Park, around Buckingham Palace down to the Thames and in Stephen's own words, pointing out "watery and historic points of interest along the way". 
After writing his own book 'Walking on Water', he and Nicholas Barton, re-wrote Nicholas's classic and definitive book on the lost rivers of London.  He will long be remembered and perhaps his memory will live on with the taking up of his idea to reopen part of the River Fleet, which he proved was feasible, as described in the book.  The Society would like to wish his wife Marion and his family our sincere condolences.      Juliet Shellabear